Single Display supported
With 5 Gbps bandwidth per input channel and 20 Gbps per output channel, all inputs and outputs support up to 4K UHD (3840x2160/30Hz). Ready to embrace the real 4K video wall application.
  • HD Video Wall

  • 4K Video Wall

  • New York, NY: Wednesday 10:00 AM, Partly Cloudy, 84°F, Humidity 58%.
  • New York, NY: Wednesday 10:00 AM, Partly Cloudy, 84°F, Humidity 58%.
Scrolling Text
To display notification, news, and slogan, etc. The font, color, scrolling speed and the background support to be self-defined as the user’s discretion.
Dual Control Cards backup
Auto switching backup, keep operating without any interruption. Keep running the current preset even both cards breaking down or swapped out.
Status Monitoring
Real-time status monitoring: hardware info, firmware info, temperature, operating info and auto-adjusted fan speed, etc.
Web-based Control
Web-based control iOS, Android, Windows supported PC, tablet and smart phone control. No need application/software installed. Flexible user levels authorization. Multi users control simultaneously.
Preview Contents
Real-time preview of all contents and video wall layouts. Real-time monitoring of the video wall displaying.
Flexible Displaying
Up to 4x video windows per display arbitrary layering, overlap, moving, zooming in, zooming out, stretching, PIP (Picture In Picture) and POP (Picture Out of Picture). Supports IP Camera video, content label, background image and scrolling text display.
  • New York, NY: Wednesday 10:00 AM, Partly Cloudy, 84°F, Humidity 58%.
  • New York, NY: Wednesday 10:00 AM, Partly Cloudy, 84°F, Humidity 58%.
IP Camera supported
Supports RTSP, H.264 and H.265 decode. Compatible with transportation, security and surveillance application.
Multi-group Video Wall supported
Supports management of multiple video wall groups (LCD, LED, DLP or projection, etc.) via single controller. Up to 4x groups of video wall with different resolution and no limitation groups with the same resolution. Share the contents with multiple video wall groups.
Flexible user levels authorization
Multiple user levels authorization. Manage different areas of video wall or different contents.
More Features
  • Background Image
    User defined background image without any black or blue screen appear. To display the background when signals lost.
  • Content Cropping
    Cropping any video content in any position to cut out the black edges or emphasize any details. Easy to make real full screen display without rendering the content.
  • Scenes Management
    User defined presets. Flexible layouts and rapid retrieval of presets.
  • Drag & Drop Management
    Flexible to manage the video layouts by drag and drop operation. Recall the preset by drag and drop operation.
  • Remote Switch ON/OFF
    Standby or wakeup the hardware remotely via the web-based software. No need to access the rack mount. To save energy consumption.
  • Bezel Compensation
    With bezel compensation to display your video more synchronized.
  • Seamless Switching
    Millisecond level video contents switching without any black intervals.
  • No Windows OS
    Without Window blue screen, virus risks, OS vulnerability, and breakdown. Lower requirements of IT technology background, save your training cost.
  • Large-scale Video Wall
    Support up to 148x HD / 74x 4K video contents capture and 80x HD/ 4K displays via single controller.
  • Hot-swappable I/O cards
    All input and output cards support hot-swappable.
  • Modular Design
    All components of the Chassis, Input Cards, Output Cards, PSUs, Cooling Fan, Control Cards, and Network Previewing Card are modular designed to be easy for maintenance and configurable.
  • On-site Update and Upgrade
    Support firmware or EDID update and upgrade.
  • Multiple I/O
    Inputs: Single-Link DVI (HD), Dual-Link DVI (4K), HDMI HD, HDMI 4K, SDI, CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, Display port HD, Display Port 4K, IP stream, HDBaseT and Fiber formats. Outputs: Single-Link DVI (HD), HDMI HD, HDMI 4K, SDI, HDBaset HD, and HDBaseT 4K formats.