Make your creative ideas to be artistic.
The VRC series Video Wall Controller is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to build an eye-catching and creative video wall. It is an ideal video wall solution for retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, sports bars, hotel lobbies, trade shows and entertainment venues.
Unlimited Creativity
Every 1°, 45° or 90° incremental rotation for each single screen.
Supports cropping, arbitrary zooming, duplicate, flip, bezel compensation, up/down scaling and 4K UHD capture.
  • Cropping

  • Zooming In/Out

  • flip

  • Up/Down Scaling

Easy to be used for big video wall by the daisy chain cascading feature. Supports all monitors with multiple sizes and resolutions.
  • 100% compatible

  • Cascading

  • Multiple output/display resolutions.

Easy to Use
The simplest design software, setup the video wall within 5 minutes. Without more IT technology background, save your training cost.
More Features
  • Input/ Outputs
    Input: 4K UHD 3840x2160/30Hz video capture Output: 1920x1080/60Hz output
  • Content Cropping
    Cropping any video content in any position to cut out the black edges or emphasize any details. Easy to make real full screen display without rendering the content.
  • Scenes Management
    User defined presets. Flexible layouts and rapid retrieval of presets.
  • Bezel Compensation
    With bezel compensation to display your video more synchronized.
  • Large-scale Video Wall
    Support cascading to make big video wall for control room or digital signage application.
  • EDID Management
    Support EDID management.
  • Available Models
    HDMI version, 1x HDMI 4K input, 4x HDMI HD outputs. No need splitter for cascading. 45° incremental rotation.
    HDMI version, 1x HDMI 4K input, 4x HDMI HD outputs. No need splitter for cascading. 1° incremental rotation.