Black Boost
Black boost (or black level uplift): By this function, the EBC will increase the brightness of the non-overlap area to make sure the resulting display is seamless and avoid dips, dots, or bright spots.

1> Ideal black image

1> Ideal black image

3> Brighter overlapped

4> After Black Boost

Color and Brightness adjustment
By adjustment of the color and brightness of each output signal, to eliminate the discrepancy of different projectors.
Edge Feather Adjustment
With the EBC pixel level feather adjustment, the user is able to nudge the overlapped edge to make resulting seamless and unify image.

1> Split signal segments

2> Overlapped the segments

3> Feather adjustment

4> After adjustment

Large Display
The EBC2 supports projectors with landscape stacking (Mx1), portrait stacking (1xN) and mixed stacking (MxN). To meet the requirements of concert, event, exhibition, digital signage, advertisement, control room, command center and CCTV center, etc.
  • Mx1

  • 1xN

  • MXN

Passive 3D supported
90° Portrait
Supports 90° portrait projection and minimizing overlap to get more displaying.
Presets Auto-switching
User defined presets. Flexible layouts and rapid retrieval of presets with user defined switching intervals.
Presets Switching
Preview Contents
Real-time preview of all contents and video windows layouts. Real-time monitoring of the projection displaying.
More Features
  • Warp Image Adjustment
    The images from both processors/projectors must be geometrically corrected to fit the screen and the overlapped regions must be set to align accurately. This is achieved by warping (changing the shape) the image.
  • Scurve Adjustment
    The ‘blend’ is basically an S-shaped curve that is applied to gradually reduce the brightness of the image at the edge.
  • Background Image
    User defined background image without any black or blue screen appear. To display the background when signals lost.
  • Content Cropping
    Cropping any video content in any position to cut out the black edges or emphasize any details. Easy to make real full screen display without rendering the content.
  • Scenes Management
    User defined presets. Flexible layouts and rapid retrieval of presets.
  • Drag & Drop Management
    Flexible to manage the video layouts by drag and drop operation. Recall the preset by drag and drop operation.
  • Remote Switch ON/OFF
    Standby or wakeup the hardware remotely via the web-based software. No need to access the rack mount. To save energy consumption.
  • Unified Image
    With perfect blending to display your video more synchronized as an unified, seamless image.
  • Seamless Switching
    Millisecond level video contents switching without any black intervals.
  • No Windows OS
    Without Window blue screen, virus risks, OS vulnerability, and breakdown. Lower requirements of IT technology background, save your training cost.
  • Large-scale Blending Display
    Support up to 148x HD video contents capture and 40x HD projectors via single controller.
  • Hot-swappable I/O cards
    All input and output cards support hot-swappable.
  • Modular Design
    All components of the Chassis, Input Cards, Output Cards, PSUs, Cooling Fan, Control Cards, and Network Previewing Card are modular designed to be easy for maintenance and configurable.
  • On-site Update and Upgrade
    Support firmware or EDID update and upgrade.
  • Multiple I/O
    Inputs: Single-Link DVI (HD), Dual-Link DVI (4K), HDMI HD, HDMI 4K, SDI, CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, and HDBaseT formats. Outputs: Single-Link DVI (HD), HDMI HD, and HDBaset HD formats.