Physical isolation and comfortable work station
By separated server room and control room structure, it provides clean, tidy, comfortable work station with less equipment, less heat and noise
Single keyboard and mouse set
UniStation is designed to improve operators’ efficiency, ergonomics, and comfortability in the working area by providing the operator access to view and manage any source within the system via multiple monitors and singe Keyboard and Mouse set. The operator does NOT need to switch between different work stations or seats.
Mouse-based OSD control
On each monitor, operator can call OSD menu, and slide mouse to preview source contents, switch sources, select work mode, and recall pre-saved presets, which contributes high working efficiency.
Multi-viewer and full screen presentation
UniStation, as the operator’s work station solution, provides a single, personalized, centralized, visualized view of any contents, as well as easy access to remote workstations or desktops. All of the resources are composed and displayed on the monitors in front of the operator, with 4 Multi-viewer or full screen displaying, which can be freely movable and sizable, switched or pushed to any other display location or the video wall.
Current approach
DigiBird UniStation
Seamless switching and 0 delay
Fiber optical based transmission, high quality, no frame lost and distortion.
Long distance transmission up to 8km.
Seamless switching without any blank screen intervals.
Instant operations with KVM.
4K UHD supported.
Screen push and operators interaction
UniStation provides the real-time/ instant screen push/ sharing function, to let the operators to interact with each other and no need to switch seats.
Pre-defined presets and instant recall
UniStation allows operators to pre-define all screen layouts and setups, operators can recall instantly the pre-defined preset by one click, saving precious time.
Physical isolation and secure access
The signals transmitted via the fiber optical system in uni-directional by DigiBird encoders,
are isolated physically and remotely to protect more security among different networks domains.
The operators (working in the control room) only have access at the presentation layer and are separated from the back-end systems (located in the server room) that host the contents.
Hardware-based and modular designed
Modular designed chassis, I/O cards and multiple connectors interface offering the high flexibility for configuration, expansion and maintenance. More hardware details, please refer to DB-AVCLink series under Products of this website.